mt lassen theatre

Mt Lassen Theatre

Home of Mt Lassen Community Church

In 2014 Mt Lassen Community Church was gifted the former Chester Theatre.  Through a long renovation process the former Chester Theatre was upgraded to the Mt Lassen Theatre (MLT) - the sanctuary and meeting place for Mt Lassen Community Church (MLCC).  The Theatre is now also used for showing movies (that meet our strict entertainment policy) and hosting community events including Town Halls, concerts, etc.   Mt Lassen Theatre exists to engage, educate and entertain through family, faith and freedom events.  A new Mt Lassen Theatre website is currently being developed.

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Serve the Kingdom right here in Chester, CA!

If you believe that Faith filled entertainment is needed in our community, please stop in and see what we are doing. Get to know the leaders and volunteers that keep our theatre going and perhaps eventually become a volunteer as well!

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